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The I am Program is a self-directed Health & Fitness Assessment Program by FitTec

Fitness IQ

Educational WebPages

This webpage will archive many of the educational programs of FitTec.

Do You, Can You Program - Simple Self-Checks that you can do on yourself covering all aspects of wellness.

Don't Do That Program - Exercises you should modify or not do or understand the risks if you do them.

Know Your Body Program - An Educational Series of articles on all of the components of physical fitness.

Know Your Muscle and Joints Program - Short Simple Strategies will be suggested to keep your muscles and joints moving pain-free.

Latest Wellness Research - The latest research studies in Health & Fitness will be highlighted.

FitTec Tenets - Some of our more important fitness principles will be highlighted

Women's Fitness Circle - Important Women's Fitness Topics will be Highlighted.

I am Program - A self-directed assessments program.

FitTec Educational Webpages - Webpages going over all aspects of Health & Fitness.

Eat This - Foods that you should and should not eat will be presented, which will include important nutritional principles.

Fitness IQ - Question and answer to some past newsletters questions.

Educational Programs

Do You, Can You Do This?

Don’t Do That!

Know Your Joints

Latest Wellness Research

FitTec Tenets

Women’s Health Circle

Know Your Body

Fitness IQ

I am Program

Eat This

FitTec Educational Webpages

FitTec Educational and Exercise Class Videos