Chair Based Muscle Pump Class-30 minutes

Restorative Motion Class with Chris-30 minutes

Core Class with Chris-30 minutes

The 5 Essential Core Exercises in 3 Rounds (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced) with Chris.

All Classes are for Novice to Intermediate Fitness Levels unless Specified and take 25 to 30 minutes to complete, except for our Total Fitness Class which is 40 minutes.

CounterTop Wall Based Muscle Pump Class-30 minutes

Band Based Muscle Pump Class-30 minutes

Total Fitness with Jen 40 Minutes: Cardio, Strength, and Core

Easy 20 Minute Aerobic Class HIIT with Chris

Jen's 30 Minute Yoga/Stretch Class

Jen's 25-30 Minute KickBoxing Class

Jen's 25-30 Core Class Intermediate to Advance Levels Only

Jen's 15 Minute Restore Class