Welcome to the ‘IT Program’

Independent Training

Independence in multiple ways  (location, time, equipment, and ability).

It only takes seconds to minutes to do!

Practically anytime or anywhere!

The program consists of 5 modules (see video for description). You can do one or all of them whenever you have time. I suggest adding a module every week for the next few weeks or go straight to the Master List and try them all (see Master List of IT Program). There is both a written and video description for each exercise in the modules.

Strike It: Do one or all four poses/positions that strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles with easy positions. You can perform portions of each or the entirety of each pose. Do them throughout the day. See videos for demonstrations.

Move It: Do one or all four motions that work on balance while nourishing your joints with easy actions. You can perform all portions of each or the entirety of each move. Do them throughout the day. See videos for demonstrations.

HIIT It: Do one or more of these cardio exercises that get your heart pumping almost anywhere with easy actions. Do these throughout the day. See videos for demonstrations.

Build It: Do these 6 exercises that strengthen the essential primary motions of life. They are easy to do and should be a part of everyone's routine. You can perform all of them at once or spread them throughout the day. Do these two to three times a week. See videos for demonstrations.

Step It: Try to implement Step It. It is essentially a power walking program, but it's informal—something you can do whenever you're walking anywhere.

Supplemental 'IT Program'

Floor IT - Core: The core is the group of trunk and hip muscles that surround the spine, abdominal viscera and hip. Core muscles are essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. They spare the spine from excessive load and are essential for lad transfer between the upper and lower body.

Master List of IT Program


I've created the acronym DOLL to remember the"IT Program'

D - Do IT

O - Own IT

L - Like IT

L - Love IT

Alternatively, just "BE IT." Use this acronym or its components to keep the 'IT Program' in mind throughout the day. Whether you choose to apply the entire DOLL acronym or specific parts, it's a helpful reminder to actively engage in the program.

I want to emphasize the phrase 'Find IT,' reminding you that you don't have to do all parts of the program at once. Whether it's a chin tuck, glute squeeze, or sternal lift, each action has its benefits when done in isolation. So, find what works best for you within the 'IT Program.'

Also, don't forget to share this program with friends and family members ('SHARE IT'). I believe that incorporating these exercises throughout the day is more beneficial for both mind and body than sporadic gym visits a few times a week.

For those asking for additional simpler exercises and strategies, I'll be adding some soon to the program. Look out for ‘IT’. 

Appendix IT Program


1. Chin Tucks - Why and How

2. Sternal Lift Standing - Why and How

3. Prone Sternal Lift - Why and How

4. Reach to the Sky Fingers Interlaced - Why and How

5. Shoulder Blade Squeeze/Scapular Depression Exercise - Why and How

6. Glute Squeezes- Why and How

7. Anti Shrug - Why and How

8. Finger Splaying - Why and How

9. Abdominal Hollowing - Why and How

10. Abdominal Bracing - Why and How

11. Foot/Ankle Rolls - Why and How

12. Thoracic Mobility - Why and How

It Program Overview

Overview Video

Master List of IT Program

     Strike It

     Move It

     HIIT It

     Build It     

Step It Program

Power Stepping Video

Strike It Program

     Strike It Videos


Squeeze and Lean Back

Overhead Press


Advanced Version

Move It Program

Overall Move It Video

HIIT IT Program

Overall Micro HIIT Video

Build It Program

     Build It Videos

Supported Squats

Push Ups




Calf Raise

Floor It Program

     Floor It Videos 'The Core'

Core Exercises



     Side Bridge or Side Planks

     Double Leg Lifts



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