This page gives you a series of simple health checks that you can do on yourself. This information will help you define and refine your program and goals.

See Past Self-checks.

New Self-Checks for 2021

Each week or two we will be adding more.

Do You Do Massage to Help Perform Better in a Sport

Do You Do Massage for a Medical Condition

Do You Do Massage for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Do You DO High Calorie IPAs

Do You Do Baking Soda to Clean Your Veggies and Fruit

Do You Do Lemon Water

Do You Tape Your Mouth

Do You Have Good Balance

Do You Know How Exercise Effects Mental Health

Do You Get Enough Exercise to Reduce Stress

Do You Get Enough Exercise to Prevent Depression

Do You Get Enough Exercise to Prevent Anxiety

Do You Need Expensive Running Shoes?

How about Minimalist Shoes?

Do You Use Motion Control Shoes? Do you Over Pronate?

Do You Know Your Heart Rate

Do You Know Your Blood Pressure

Do You Have A Round Belly

Do You Crack Your Joints

Do You Creak

Do You Do Kettlebells

Do You Walk Well

Do you have poor sleep positions?

Do You Do the Ketogenic Diet

Do you Eat Colorful Foods? Rephrase- Do you do Eat Colorful Natural Foods? Ie Fruity Pebbles DO NOT Count -)

Do you Do Ice Or Do You Do Use Heat?

Do You Nap

Do You Hang

Can You Measure Heart Rate

Do You Do Oatmeal

Do You Do Chiropratic Adjustments

Do you have back pain when you walk? If you do try Walking Briskly and Try These Walking Techniques

Do You Sweat Too Much or Not at All

Do You Foam Roll

Do You Use A Massage Gun?

Do You Have Good Poops?

Do You Have Clear Urine?

Do You Have Gas? It could be a good thing :)

Do You Wear a Weight Lifting Belt

Do You stay in the same position or do too much of one motion?

Do You Have Back Pain? Try Walking Briskly?

Do You Walk Too Slowly-It could be unhealthy

Do you Do too much Standing?

Do You Breathe Right When You Exercise

Do You Hold Your Breath when You Lift

Do You Breathe with Your Belly or Chest

Do You Breathe through your nose or mouth