Health & Fitness Program

I am HealthY Fit I am Fit I am xFit

Most people want to be HEALTHY and FIT, but many do not know what that means.

This self-directed Health & Fitness Evaluation Program is designed to Educate and Motivate.

Program Goals

1. Understand what health & fitness is.

2. Determine your own health & fitness and own it through a battery of tests and questions that you can do on your own, from there use a coach or other resources to improve and to make a habit.

3. Stay motivated at sustaining life long health and fitness.

4. Inspire others (family, friends, coworkers) through our Wall of Fame and Motivational Awards (see).


Meet the desirable levels for a program and get recognition at our Wall of Fame Board (only if you like) with your Actual Name, Initials, or Anonymous Name. Also, get tagged with a sticker that you can place anywhere (car, fridge, computer, etc) declaring you are Healthy (HFit), Fit, or xFit (see List of Criteria).

Where to Start

For the purpose of the program you should not consider yourself Fit or xFit without being meeting the Healthy (I am HFit) Criteria First (see).

Reaching the HFit mark is our number one goal. After reaching this mark work on the I am Fit (see) and then then for some the I am xFit (see) assessments.

I am 5k Fit I am mfFit I am h/aFit

We have a separate assessment for the 5K distance as another goal.

The 5K distance is a great achievement for most people to walk or run (see for I am 5kFit).

We also have programs for Muscular and Functional Ability (see I am MFFit) and Aerobic Ability (see I am HAFit), which also aids in the design of training programs.