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If you reach the I am healthy 5k Fit or I am 5k Fit or I am 5K xFit Level You get a Sticker and certificate

I am 5k hFit (top 60% of adult population)

I am 5k Fit (Top 20%)

I am 5k xFit (Top 10%)

The 5K race, spanning  3.1 miles, holds the distinction of being the shortest distance in the realm of road racing events. I believe this distance is ideal for the majority of individuals looking to participate and train. It often stands as a significant milestone and a noteworthy personal accomplishment, especially for those just embarking on their running journey. In my opinion, it serves as an admirable goal for many of my clients, provided they adhere to a safe and customized training program. See link for times and 5K Fit Levels.

In creating the I am 5K program, my aim was to provide individuals with guidance on what constitutes a commendable running time for a 5K race. Typically, the fastest runners achieve remarkable times, ranging from 13 to 19 minutes. Among the elite, top male athletes usually complete 5K races in 13 to 15 minutes, while their female counterparts often finish in 16 to 19 minutes. However, I don't necessarily encourage you to target these blazing speeds. Instead, I encourage you to set a goal that is personally meaningful and achievable for you.

Many average runners comfortably complete a 5K in 30 to 40 minutes, and they find satisfaction in achieving times around this range. Above-average runners typically maintain an 8-minute per mile pace, resulting in 5K finishes under 25 minutes. For beginners, aiming for a pace of 9 to 12 minutes per mile translates to finishing times between 27 and 40 minutes. In addition, avid fitness walkers can complete a 5K in 45 minutes, while most walkers can achieve this feat in less than one hour.

That said, the benchmarks I've established for the I am 5K program, namely I am 5K Healthy Fit, I am 5K Fit, and I am 5K xFit, fall within various performance ranges. These benchmarks are derived from Aerobic Capacity Normative Tables and are meant to serve as motivational milestones.

If you are new to exercise and fitness, I recommend working towards achieving the I am Healthy 5K Fit time. For those who have experience with running or are embarking on a fitness program and seek a challenge, strive for the I am Fit 5K time. And for seasoned racers looking to push their limits, aim to reach the I am xFit 5K time.

Incorporating I am 5K Healthy Fit, I am 5K Fit, and I am 5K xFit into the I AM Program is designed to inspire and provide you with a clear gauge of your 5K performance, enabling you to set goals that align with your fitness journey.

If you reach the 5k time bench mark for your age you're are eligible for an award and recognition.

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Inspire/Award: Meet the desirable 5K time for your age and make our Wall of Fame Board with your Actual or an Anonymous Name if you like. Also get tagged with a sticker/magnet that you can place anywhere (car, fridge, computer, etc) declaring you are I am 5K Fit (see wall of fame for sticker). For the purpose of the program you can not consider yourself I am Healthy, Fit or xFit without completing the testing for each of those programs.