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The Why? The 5k race (3.1 miles) is the shortest distance of any road race event. I feel it is a perfect distance for most people to compete in and train with. It is often considered a great milestone and personal achievement for starting runners. I think it is a great goal for many of my clients as long as they follow a safe program that is tailored for them. See link for times and 5K Fit Levels.

In putting together the I am 5K I wanted to give people an idea of what would be a good time to reach for when running 5Ks. Generally speaking anywhere from 13 to 19 minutes are great times amongst the fastest runners. Top males usually finish 5Ks in 13 to 15 minutes, while top females finish in 16 to 19 minutes at most races. These times are not what I want you to try to achieve in most cases. Rather I want you to meet a goal that is right for you. Many average runners complete a 5K in 30 to 40 minutes, and many runners are satisfied with their time if it's around this benchmark. Above average runners typically run 8 minute miles and therefore finish 5Ks under 25 minutes. Beginners aim to run 9 to 12 minute miles so their times are between 27 and 40 minutes. Really fast fitness walkers can complete a 5K in 45 minutes and most walkers can complete a 5K in less than one hour. That being said the I am 5K (I am 5K Healthy Fit, I am 5K Fit, and  I am 5K xFit) benchmarks will fall somewhere in between. These Benchmarks are based off of Aerobic Capacity Normative Tables.

I put together I am 5K Healthy Fit, I am 5K Fit, and I am xFit 5K as a supplement to the I AM Program to inspire and to give you an idea of where you stand in terms of your 5K times. If you are new to exercise and fitness train to achieve the I am Healthy 5K Fit time. If you have been running or are starting a program and want to push yourself try to reach the I am Fit 5K time. If you are an experienced racer try to achieve the I am xFit 5K time.

If you reach the 5k time bench mark for your age you're are eligible for an award and recognition.

See I am 5K Times Below.

Inspire/Award: Meet the desirable 5K time for your age and make our Wall of Fame Board with your Actual or an Anonymous Name if you like. Also get tagged with a sticker/magnet that you can place anywhere (car, fridge, computer, etc) declaring you are I am 5K Healthy Fit, I am 5K Fit, or I am 5K xFit (see wall of fame for sticker). For the purpose of the program you can not consider yourself I am Healthy, Fit or xFit without completing the testing for each of those programs.