Health & Fitness Program

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Meet the desirable levels for a program and get recognition at our Wall of Fame Board with your Actual or an Anonymous Name if you like. Also get tagged with a sticker/magnet that you can place anywhere (car, fridge, computer, etc) declaring you are Healthy, Fit, or xFit. See our New Awards and apparel site ( see page ). For the purpose of the program you can not consider yourself Fit or xFit without being meeting the Healthy Criteria First.

Reaching the I am Healthy mark is our number one goal. We also have a separate program for the 5K distance as another goal.

The 5K distance is a great achievement for most people to walk or run.

Program Criteria

  To be I AM HFit - Meet the I am Healthy Criteria - Measures centered around Important Health and Lifestyle Metrics.

  To be I AM Fit - Meet the I am Fit Criteria - Measures centered around basic physical fitness tests. Meet or exceed above average values.

  To be I AM xFit - Meet the I am xFit Criteria  - Measures centered around basic to advanced physical fitness tests. Meet or exceed elevated values.

  To be I AM 5kFit - Meet the I am 5K Criteria Meet or exceed 5K Times.

  To be I AM MFFit - Meet the I am Muscular/Functional Criteria - Measures centered around muscular and functional physical fitness tests. Great for program design. In order to do intermediate or advanced exercises you should meet certain strength and functional levels.

To be I AM HAFit - Meet the I am Heart and Aerobic Fit Criteria - Measures centered around heart health and aerobic fitness tests. Great for cardiovascular program design.  

If you met the marks of I am Healthy (HFit), Fit, or XFit as well as I am 5K Fit, I am MFFit, and h/aFit we will ask you if you would like to have your name or initials on the wall of fame. You can use an anonymous name if you like. You can also list any of your scores (see below).


5k Fit

RV 5k xFit

JRW 5k xFit

LDJ 5k hFit

Jen R. 5k xFit

RRM 5k xFit

I am Fit





I am xFit

MJW -15 pullups



Sticker Award