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I am Muscular Fit

I am Muscular Fit (Top u20%)

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These assessments help define how muscular and functional fitness.

Do not do this program unless you agree to the waiver (see waiver) and answered No to all PAR Q questions (see PAR Q).

These straightforward assessments aid in identifying bodily limitations that could potentially lead to physical problems, particularly when attempting advanced exercises. In essence, lacking sufficient mobility, balance, strength, or endurance can increase the risk of injury during exercise. For instance, inadequate overhead mobility and strength could result in shoulder problems when performing a shoulder press. Limited calf mobility might strain your knee when attempting a deep squat, and insufficient spinal stability (core strength) may lead to a risk of low back strain when performing a deadlift.

They allow an understanding of what exercises are right for you.

You should do both tests before trying advanced functional and muscular exercises. Only perform advanced exercises if you pass all the functional tests. If you surpass all the benchmarks you can consider yourself MFFit ( I am MFFit ).

If you do not access to a piece of fitness equipment place N/A (not available) on the form.

The Functional Fit Test Program helps you understand if you have the ability to perform functional exercises safely and efficiently. It will also help you determine if it is safe to perform demanding competitive lifts and challenging functional exercises like the KettleBell Swing and Farmer's Walk (beginner, intermediate, or advanced functional exercise list).

The XFit Muscular Fit Test Program helps you understand your muscular ability (strength and endurance). This will help you determine what muscular fitness exercises are right for you. If you can do all the exercises with no pain and close to goal numbers listed you can probably do all the listed: (see beginner, intermediate, or advanced muscular exercise list). We also have simplified versions of Muscular Fit Program for I am Musclar Fit and I am Musclar xFit

Exercise Lists

From the both test results you can determine what muscular and functional fitness exercises you should attempt: beginner-green (for those just starting or who had difficulty doing some of the tests), intermediate-orange (for those who could do all the tests properly without pain, but did not meet the benchmarks), or advanced-red (for those who could do all the tests properly without pain and met or surpassed the benchmarks).  

Master Functional Training Exercise List

Master Muscular Training Exercise List

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I am xMuscular Fit Challenge (see form)

New for 2022-2024

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I am Muscular Fit Challenge (see form)