Health & Fitness Program

I am silver Fit

As a Fitness Coach I like my clients to strive to be Healthy first before seeking higher wellness goals, especially my clients older than 59 (See I am Healthy Fit). Once they reach the I am Healthy Fit mark I suggest to some of my senior clients to reach for the I am Silver Fit mark, but what does being Fit mean? Most people have no idea and when they do it is usually extreme thoughts. Fitness professionals widely consider the five fitness components to be body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and cardiorespiratory ability (see what is fitness). You should strive to have an above average level on each component tests to consider yourself I am sFit. The self-tests I compiled are the safest, most informative, and simplest to implement. They are not athletic or performance tests. Many of the tests are considered Functional Tests.

Where to start: Download the test form (I am Silver Fit Form). See the testing procedures to understand how to do any of the tests (See I am Silver Fit Test Procedures).Complete each test module and place a X in the Checkbox of the form if you met the desired level. Exception: If you do not meet the desired level of flexibility on any of the tests but have no pain and are working to improve then place a X in the Checkbox. If you fill in all the Checkboxes you have met my criteria of I am sFit. If you did not meet a desired level on any of the tests read below to understand how to improve (Improve Fitness) or work with a Fitness Coach on a plan (email fittec@me.com). If you are concerned about a test because of orthopedic or a medical reasons email us for an alternative at fittec@me.com. If you do not access to a piece of fitness equipment place N/A (not available) on the form.

Do not do this program unless you agree to the waiver (see waiver) and answered No to all PAR Q questions (see PAR Q).