I am Fit Program

A Program for Every Body

From Those Looking to Get Healthy to Those Looking to Get Extremely Fit

New Tests and Awards for 2024

Get Healthy and Fit !

Most people want to get Healthy and Fit, but what is that?

Our Self-Directed Programs will help you understand where you are in terms of your health & fitness. It is designed to educate and motivate you towards well defined goals and then get awarded (see awards) and recognized (only if you authorize) when you achieve those goals.

Most People have No Idea where they Stand in Terms of their Health & Fitness Status! This Programs Helps Define Your Status.

I am Fit Levels

I am hFit (top 60% of adult population)

I am Fit (Top 20%)

I am xFit (Top 10%)

I am Healthy Fit (hFit) - Health Goals - For Everyone

I am Fit (Fit) - Fitness Goals - For Those Who Exercise Regularly

I am xFit (xFit) - Extreme Fitness Goals - For Those Who Seriously Exercise and Want a Challenge

I am 5kFit - Running Goals

I am mfFit - Muscular Strength and Functional Fitness Goals

I am aFit - Heart and Aerobic Fitness Goals

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