Good motion, Postures, and Loads are essentail for muscle and joint function. Our webpage is dedicated to helping your muscles and joints function better.


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What are best Postures?

What is the effect of Posture on Pain

What is the effect of Posture on Breathing

What is best sleep posture for low back pain?

What is the best sleeping posture for Breathing?

Spinal Disc Pressure and Postures

We may advise "stop stretching so much" in certain situations- Why?

What is Mobility Training?

Exercise therapy and lifestyle modifications are often more effective in the long term in the management of musculoskeletal issues

Why do Glute Squeezes?

What are Joint Mobilizations and Do They Work?

Proper Shoveling Form 2022

Do Athletes Have Disordered Breathing

Does Brathing Effect Back Health

Does Posture Effect Breathing?

How to Test Your Balance: Balance is Key to Joint Health

Neck Motions and Self-Massage Test and Re-Test

Why you should not lock your knees when standing or doing leg presses and squats

Is Lumbar Flexion Bad? Is Butt WInk Bad?

Does Running Cause Arthritis?

Is Rest Rust to the Body

Why Do I have more Pain at Night?

Why is my back stiff in the morning?

Why do muscles get tight

Solutions to Tight Muscles

I have tight hamstrings and low back pain. Do I need to stretch?

Are Collagen Supplements Good for your Joints?

Do You Need Imaging?

Do you do glucosamine and chondroitin for

your joints?

Exciting New Research on Joint Health

Sports and Osteoarthritis

Ergonomic Shoveling Technique

Stand Up and Reach for the Sky for Good Back Health

Acupuncture and Pain

Dry Needling and Pain

Are NightShade Veggies Bad for your Joints?

Do You Bend Forward to Stretch Your Spine? Don't!

Do You Twist Your Spine? Don't!

Racking: How to do it with Spine Sparing Technique

Stretching: Being excessively flexible in the spine is not protective when it comes to back health. A normal balanced degree of flexibility is.

I always talk about how Slouching is horrible for your Neck and Back, makes it harder to Breathe, and causes muscle Tightness, but here are 3 additional problems.

Trap Care Motions and Exercises

Neck Care Motions and Exercises

Standing Posture Done Right

Why are Isometrics Good for your Joints?

Healthy Joints Part 3 What to Do?

Healthy Joints Part 2 What to Do?

Healthy Joints Part 1 What to Do?

Lower Back Care - Sleeping Postures

Low Back Care - Getting out of Bed

Low Back Care - Bracing

Low Back Care - Core Essentials

Low Back Care - Stretches

Low Back Care Tips

Shoulder Exercises

Hip Exercises

Wrist Exercises

Hand Exercises

Knee Exercises