Exercises Not To Do / Limit / Modify

When it comes to exercise selection think about your bodies longevity.

Some exercises may do more harm than good especially if you do not have a base to handle it (determine your ability through a functional assessment). They may cause permanent injury.

We will be highlighting many of these exercises in the next coming months.



Forward Lunges-Revised Maybe good for some

Punching a Bag Wrong

Muscle Ups

HandStand Walk

Chair Dips


Upright Rows

Rebound Box Jumps

Kipping Pull Ups

Smith Machine (Why Not?)

Wood Chops

Behind the Neck Shoulder Presses

Behind the Neck Pulldowns

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

CrossFit Exercises

Ballistic Stretching

Say No to Good Morinings

Sports as a Fitness Activity

Straight Leg Sit Ups

Barbell Rows

Turkish Get Ups

Neck Rolls

Risky Yoga Poses

Indoor Cycling Part 2

Indoor Cycling Form Part 1

Overhead Deep Squats Press

KettleBell Swings

Vibration Machines

Bear Crawl

Snatch and Clean and Jerk

Superman Exercise

Low Back Machine

Torso Machine/Russian Twists

Sit Ups

Double Leg Quadriceps Stretch


Flutter Kicks

Yoga Plow / Floor Bicycle Exercise

Windmill Stretch

Hurdler Stretch

Foward Back Bends

Deep Foward Lunges


Head Stands


Deep Knee Bends

Mountain Climbers

Poor Gym Etiquette-Part 1

See Example Below

Most leading exercise authorities suggest contraindicated exercises are those that carry higher risks to joint structure, soft tissue, or other risks. Because the risks typically outweigh the benefits, these exercises are inappropriate for most individuals. According to the Cooper Institute there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach as individuals have variability in their fitness level, health history, joint mechanics, flexibility, and goals. There are a number of exercises that are not appropriate, but with just a slight modification injury risk can be significantly reduced.

Issues most common in causing an exercise to be considered contraindicated (risky) include:

     Improper body alignment

     Locking of joints

     Rapid, jerky, & uncontrolled movements



     Excessive compression of structures


See Our Comprehensive List Of All The Major Websites That Discussed Dangerous Or Contraindicated Exercises With Their Brief Explanation And My Additional Comments In Bold Colors (Agree Or Disagree) And Comments In Capitals. Other Programs Will Be Discussed As Well.

Also, see Risky Yoga Poses.