Physical Performance 101

What is Physical Fitness ?

Health Related Physical Fitness: What is it ?

Skill Related Fitness: What is it?

Types of Training

Hopefully I will help explain in simple terms important aspects of physical conditioning in 3 major groupings.

1. Cardiovascular

What is the Right Amount of Exercise?

How to Start an Aerobic Program?

How to Improve Aerobic Fitness?'

Do you have good heart health?

How do you progress with aerobic training?

How to Start an HITT Aerobic Program?

How Much is Too Much when it comes to aerobic exercise?

Does your aerobic fitness change as you age?

How to Judge Exercise Intensity and Fitness with Heart Rate

How to Judge Exercise Intensity and Fitness with RPE ( How you Feel )

How to Judge Intensity and Fitness with METs

How to use WATTS in your training

How to use Heart Rate Max and Training Zones in your workout

What is Aerobic Fitness. Simple Way to Measure Aerobic Fitness

Summary of Aerobic Fitness

Summary of Aerobic Fitness Easy SlideShow

Additional Cardiovascular

How to Measure Your Aerobic Ability using a Machine and MET Value

Difference Between Walking and Running

Walking Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors as Much as Running

Why Vigorous Aerobic Exercise for Heart Disease Reduction

Why Resistance Training to Prevent Heart Disease

2. Muscular Ability (Strength and Endurance)

What is muscular ability?

What are the 5 Primary Movements and Examples of Exercises

What is Core Training and Why is it Important?

How Much Muscle Mass Can You Gain?

Do Resistance Machines Work?

Should you do Low Reps or High Reps?

What is Volume when it comes to Muscular Conditioning?

What is German Volume Training?

What are the Majors Principles to Training for Muscle Growth

How does muscle grow from exercise?

What Limits Muscle Growth-Muscle Fiber Number?

What Limits Muscle Growth-Muscle Fiber Type?

What Limits Muscle Growth-Muscle Myostatin?

What Limits Muscle Growth-Hormones?

Factors that Influence Muscle Growth

When do Muscles Grow after starting resistance training.

Are Compound  Exercises More Anabolic? Do they build more muscle?

Is Sleep Important for Muscle Growth?

How much/rest do you need between sets?

How many days/hours of rest/recovery do you need when resistance training?

Load and Time Under Tension and Use of a Wide Repetition Range With Training for Muscular Growth.

What is more important, the lengthening motions or shortening motions when resistance training for Muscular Growth?

What is the best speed for muscle growth when resistance training?

What are the best exercises for muscle growth?

Does exercise variety help with muscle growth?

Do you need to periodize for muscle growth?

What is the best exercise order for muscle growth?

What is the difference between muscle growth between steroid users and non-users?

Do you need to get a "pump" to get muscle growth? What is a "pump" when it comes to exercise.

Can I build muscle fast like some Hollywood Stars can in 3 months time?

How to use TUT (Time Under Tension) for Muscle Growth?

What is more important TUT or heavy weights lifted when it comes to muscle growth?

Summary- Best strategy for building muscle mass

3. Movement (Motion, Stabilization, Range of Motion, and Joint Mobility)

Mobility and Stretching: What are they?

Keys to Mobility Training and Stretching

What are Restorative Motions?

Dangers of Yoga the Why? From Don't Do That Series

Risky Yoga Poses List of poses that may be risky in my opinion