I have detailed lists of muscular and functional exercises that you may consider attempting below. Only attempt exercises based on your level. Determine level through muscular and functional tests.


These simple tests helps you determine if something is limited to your body. This limitation may cause physical issues especially if you try advanced exercises. In other words if you lack mobility, balance, strength, or endurance trying some exercises can do more harm than good. Examples: If you do not have good overhead mobility and strength you may develop shoulder issues from performing a shoulder press. If you lack calf mobility performing a deep squat may strain your knee. If you lack spinal stability performing a deadlift could cause a low back strain.

The Muscular Fit Test Program helps you understand your muscular ability (strength and endurance). This will help you determine what muscular fitness exercises are right for you (see beginner, intermediate, or advanced muscular exercise list).

The Functional Fit Test Program helps you understand if you have the ability to perform functional exercises safely and efficiently. It will also help you determine if it is safe to perform demanding competitive lifts and challenging functional exercises like the KettleBell Swing and Farmer's Walk (beginner, intermediate, or advanced functional exercise list).

Exercise Lists

From the test results you can determine what muscular and functional fitness exercises you should attempt: beginner-green (for those just starting or who had difficulty doing some of the tests), intermediate-orange (for those who could do all the tests properly without pain but did not meet the benchmarks), or advanced-red (for those who could do all the tests properly without pain and met or surpassed the benchmarks). I would only suggest doing the 4 and 5 Star Rated Exercises.

Master Functional Training Exercise List

Master Muscular Training Exercise List

Highlighted Exercises

Certain basic, important, foundational exercises will be highlighted in our newsletter. See below for past exercises.

Pull Ups

Machine Rows

Lat Pulldowns

Inner Thigh Machine

Outer Thigh Machine

Chest Press Machine

Leg Curl

Leg Extensions

Leg Presses

Trap Bar Deadlift

Waiter's Carry

Farmer's Carry

Suitcase Carry

Foot Stability Exercises

Leg Rotations

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

KettleBell Swings

Band Rotator Cuff

Child Pose

Cat/Cow Stretch/Motion

Cobra Stretch

Shoulder Retractions

Chin Tucks

Hip Flexor Strengthening

The Hip Flexor Stretch

The Rotational Trainer

The McGill Crunch

Step Ups

Lateral Leg Lift

Lunge Calf Stretch

Toe Lifts


Calf Raises

Supported Squats


One Legged Squats

Banded Rows

Lunge and Split Squats


Push Ups